Celebrities take part in the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness for ALS. (Part 1)

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Most of these actors are too old, some of the edits are still messy but I’m tired of staring at them on photoshop, and we’re never going to agree on houses for everyone BUT I think I should get a solid B for effort. (list of actors can be found here)

Dylan O’Brien for Teen Vogue (september 2014)

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“I was listening to a lot of late 80’s pop, because I really loved the chances they were taking I loved how bold they were. So being inspired by that I started delving into the late 80’s - and what I found was that it was apparently a time of limitless potential. And the idea that you can do what you want, be who you want, wear what you want, love what you want - bright colors, bold chances, rebellion. The idea of that was so inspiring to me…but basically in thinking about that, and thinking about how this new album is a bit of a rebirth for me because it’s so now. I’ve never really made these kinds of changes before. And having been born on December 13th, 1989…this album is called 1989.”


2014 Sarah Barlow photoshoot (x)

Faberry Week | Day 4 & 6 (Age Difference/ Doppelgangers)

12-year-old Rachel babysits the 6-year-old Quinns  [F]

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How does 1989 compare to Red?

Dylan O’Brien for Teen Vogue*

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Robert was the true steel. Stannis is pure iron, black and hard and strong, yes, but brittle, the way iron gets. He’ll break before he bends. And Renly, that one, he’s copper, bright and shiny, pretty to look at but not worth all that much at the end of the day.

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